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Social Objective

SFPL understands social responsibility and works towards rural development through various initiatives.

  • To provide safe drinking water and support women empowerment by organizing skill development programs for enhancing rural disposable incomes.

  • To contribute to afforestation initiatives by distributing and planting trees.

  • To organize medical camps and distribute free medicines in the surroundings of factory.

  • To promote primary education in the surrounding work areas.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

SFPL recognized the importance of supporting rural socio economic development objectives and it has supported various initiatives to provide safe drinking water to neighborhood villages surrounding the company units. It also has supported rural women empowerment programs by imparting training to rural women enabling them to start various revenue generating activities .SFPL has pronounciated its role and vital need to constructively offer its invaluable contribution to the cause of environmental pollution and its deplorable effects on human health. It started contributing to afforestation initiatives by planting trees and distributing tree saplings in the vicinity of its each establishment.

SFPL organizes free medical camps at regular intervals and distribute medicines to the needy towards building healthy and better country side.

SFPL works towards improvement of primary education by providing stationary and necessary furniture.

SFPL worked in flood hit areas towards rehabilitation of the affected.

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